The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan


Call for Proposals for the Ecological Research Symposium (ER-Symposium)

We invite proposals for the ER-symposium at the 66th annual meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ66), which will be held in March 2019.

The ER-symposium is a symposium that invites outstanding foreign researchers by providing for their traveling expenses. Invited speakers are asked to contribute to the journal Ecological Research (ER).

As we previously provided guidance in newsletter No. 45, we are planning to accept more than one foreign speaker to ESJ66 as ER-Symposium speakers.

The ER-Symposium speakers are provided traveling fees and free entry. ER-Symposium speakers are requested to submit an article to ER after the meeting. The article should be related to the symposium.

We look forward to receiving applications from organizers who are planning to invite foreign speakers to ESJ66. Please read the ER-Symposium guide below.

(Call for Proposals for the ER-Symposium)

  • The speaker invited by Ecological Research is financially supported by ER. The support includes flight tickets (limited to economy class) and actual expense for accommodation during ESJ annual meeting, and no additional support. Invited speakers by Ecological Research and the people accompanying the invited speaker can participate in all meetings and the banquet for free.
  • The speaker invited by Ecological Research is requested to submit at least one article (original paper and/or review paper) to Ecological Research.
  • The number of speakers invited by Ecological Research is limited to one (but note that there is no limit to the number of invited speakers who do not expect financial support by ER for the symposium).
  • ER welcomes people of any non-Japanese nationality as an invited speaker.
  • Symposium proposals are evaluated by the symposium committee of ESJ 66. The number of symposiums that can be enjoyed with financial support is one or more (three people were adopted as invited speakers by Ecological Research for ESJ 65).
  • All proposals expecting financial support must be send to the ESJ office by e-mail before 23:59 (Japanese standard time) on 31st August 2018. Judgment for adoption as a symposium receiving financial support will be made in September 2018, and the result will be conveyed before the end of the month.
  • E-mails for the proposal must be send to(
  • The proposal must contain:
    1. A title, an abstract for the symposium and a list of presenting members
    2. The name(s) of the speaker(s) invited by Ecological Research
    3. The following information: how the invited speakers of Ecological Research add value to the symposium (or why the symposium will lose value without the speakers invited by Ecological Research), what merit ESJ members can receive from articles submitted to ER that are written by the invited speakers of Ecological Research, and any other points that inform the invited speakers of Ecological Research as being suitable to the symposium.
    4. A rough sketch of the article(s) that will be submitted to ER.
    5. A list of papers and number of citations of the speakers invited by Ecological Research (up to 5 papers)
    Note that the list of papers is used as a reference to evaluate that the speakers invited by Ecological Research undoubtedly fulfill the information requested in (3). The ESJ symposium committee also prefers young scientists who have a small number of papers and citations but are active in a hot topic area.

Supplement: At the ESJ66 symposium, there is a system called "the invited speaker" other than "the ER symposium speaker invited by Ecological Research" for whom traveling expenses are not provided. Under the system of "the invited speaker", you can invite superior non-ESJ members (regardless of nationality) as guest speakers for whom the meeting entrance fee is waived. There are no restrictions on the number of people for the invited speaker system. If you are not adopted for the ER symposium, the "the invited speaker" system applies.

Reference: Call for Proposals for the Normal Symposium (common to ER-Symposium)

  • Only ESJ members can be symposium organizers (including co-organizers).
  • To deepen exchanges with various academic research fields, organizers can invite non-ESJ members as guest speakers. The invited speakers are provided with free entry. However, the same non-ESJ member cannot be an invited as a speaker for two consecutive years.
  • The duration of a symposium is c.a. three hours.
  • Registration of presentation titles and speakers’ information (name and affiliations, etc.) should be written in Japanese and English.
  • The deadline for abstract submission for the symposium is the same as that for the oral/poster presentation submission.

If you have any questions about applying to the symposium, please send an email to email esj_sympo[at] ※Change [at] to @

Please read the Symposium guide:

We look forward to receiving applications from potential organizers.

Chief of ESJ66 Symposium Committee,
Katsuhiko Yoshida