The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan

English Presentation Award

Aim of the award

The English Presentation Award (EPA) aims to promote English presentations in the ESJ annual meetings and to give all participants more opportunities to share scientific ideas with international students and visiting researchers from abroad. At the same time, the EPA working group gives students and early career members an opportunity to gain experience in scientific communication, particularly experience that will be useful in international meetings. All presentations will be scored and excellent presenters will be awarded by the EPA working group.

We are looking forward to your application for the English Presentation Award.

Important announcements

Compared with the previous EPAs, three important changes have been made in 6th EPA in ESJ66.

1) Applicants are no longer required to pre-register EPA.

Registrations of EPA will be the same as those of other oral and poster presentations. Further information on the registration process will be announced in ESJ66 website.

2) All of critical information on EPA will be announced in ESJ66 website.

However, we still maintain the EPA website this year to distribute supporting information on EPA to potential applicants.

3) Prior registration of the presentation file is no longer required.

The presentation file must be uploaded to PC with a USB flash drive at the speaker-ready-room in the venue before the EPA session. Further information will be announced in ESJ66 website.


Eligibility is limited to Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ) members who are students (undergraduates, graduate students, and PhD candidates) or early-career researchers who have received PhD, no more than 5 years before March 2019. Work weeks of parental leave or family leave are not included in this 5-year limitation. Past EPA winners are also eligible to submit their applications.

Judgment criteria

A few judges are assigned in each session, and all presentations are judged and scored based on the quality of research (50%) and quality of presentation (50%). “Best award” and “Excellent award” will be awarded to first and second place finishers of each session.

Link to the EPA website

Only supporting information will be announced at the EPA website. Links to previous EPA websites (2014–2018) are also available. Please see ESJ66 official website for the detailed information on EPA.