The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan

Lunch box

There are few restaurants and stands in and around the convention venue. And these surrounding facilities will be very crowded due to the influence of a large event held at the neighboring Kobe World Hall.

At the convention venue, lunch boxes (O-Bento) will be sold from March 16 to March 18.

Where to buy

Saturday, March 16
Foyer of main hall (Room A) at Kobe International Conference Center 1F

Sunday, March 17 and Monday, March 18
Enterprise exhibition area at Kobe International Exhibition hall No. 2 bldg. 1F

How to buy

  • Purchase it on site on the day. Reservation is not required.
  • Sales time is 10:30 to 13:30, price is 650 yen (including tax).
  • If the lunchbox is sold out, rice ball is planned for immediate sale.
  • Sales of lunch boxes will be carried out by the restaurant "Kitchen · Planet" (Kobe Art Foods Co., Ltd.). You can use the restaurant "Kitchen · Planet" as well. It locates inside the International Exhibition Hall and ESJ66 participants have priority for usage.

Where you can eat your lunch

  • Kobe International Conference Center:B1F Lobby, 3F(around Room C), 4F(around Room D and Room E)
  • Kobe International Exhibition hall No. 2 bldg. 1F:Break space in poster presentations area

Important notice

  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in Room A and B of Kobe International Conference Center.
  • A dedicated lunch container collection site will be prepared at the luncheon selling venue, so put the lunch box container there after lunch. For trash other than the lunch box, take your trash home with you.