The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan

Poster Award

List of winners of Poster Award in ESJ66 (PDF)

Poster Award

ESJ will give an award to young researchers who present outstanding posters. Please refer to the following qualification requirements. Details on poster presentations will be given on the official website. Please prepare your poster with reference to the points outlined on the website.

Poster Award Qualifications

Each winner must be the primary author of the poster presentation. The following criteria will also be applied:

  1. Undergraduate students, graduate students, or scientists without a doctoral degreeas of October 31, 2018, are eligible to apply for ESJ66 poster awards.
  2. Previous poster award winners cannot apply for the award (including those from joint annual meetings with EAFES).

Poster Award Criteria

  • Below are the criteria used to select outstanding posters. Please prepare your poster with reference to these points. (A) Clarity of the posterIn a poster presentation, it is important to illustrate the contents of your research concisely. The following features are required: 1) precise title, 2) simple abstract, 3) efforts to draw attention, 4) efforts to convey the outline. Figures and tables should be easy to read from a distance and overloading with information should be avoided. A comprehensive outline without need for explanation is another important consideration.(B) Quality of the study1) Originality and innovativeness, 2) quality and quantity of data, 3) validity of analyzing methods, 4) validity of discussion and conclusion, will be evaluated.
  • We have excluded presentation technique, which had been an evaluation criterion in past meetings, because outstanding posters are understandable only by viewing them. Another reason for this change is it decreases the burden on judges who have to review many applications. For items that are difficult to assess only visually, judges may evaluate by listening to the presentation and asking questions.
  • As the ESJ is promoting international communication, we emphasize the need for posters considerate of those who do not understand Japanese. During the review process, only poster contents are evaluated, irrespective of the language. However, if two or more posters have tied scores, priority will be given to posters understandable not only in Japanese but also in English. Being understandable in English means that at least the title, introduction, and conclusion are written in English so that the research outline can be understood, or by providing the translated supplement.