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55th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ55), March 14-17, 2008 Fukuoka

Notice to Participants

updated on 2008-01-13

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Poster Prize

The Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ) awards Poster Prize to excellent poster presentations for encouraging young scientists. The prize has been managed by the program committee for annual meetings in the ESJ since the Niigata meeting. Please note that the prize now is an officially authorized prize by the ESJ. The poster prize will be managed in the following way. Please prepare your poster, taking the following points in consideration.

1. Units of selection and award

Judgment will be done separately in each ecological field and the judging committee will select the best prize (at most one) and the excellence prize (one or two authors) in each field.

2. Field

As a general rule, judgment will be done separately in each field listed in the program. However, some fields with few applicants may be combined with related fields that the applicants selected as the second best one at registration. In the fields where applications are few, only the best prize (or the excellence prize) may be awarded.

3. Time for exhibition and explanation

As for the presentations which have applied for poster prize, posters presented on March 15th should be mounted during 8:00 and 9:00 on that day, while those on March 16th and 17th should be mounted during 17:30 and 20:00 in the previous day, or by 9:00 on the appointed day. Presenters should stand by their posters and explain their papers on request of the audience during the core time. These points are the requisites for judgment, and the authors who do not obey the rule will be excluded from the judgment.

4. Criteria of judgments

Since the posters are judged from the following viewpoints, please prepare your poster to meet these points.

Judgment in the first stage

(A) Ability to spread excellence of the presentation in a short period

One of the most important features of the good poster presentation is the appearance which is necessary for °»being selected°… (being watched or listened to) among many presentations. Your presentation will not start unless someone stops in front of your poster. °»To be selected°…, a good title and an excellent abstract are indispensable, and eye-catchers are also necessary. °»Legibility°… for informing the audience of the outline of your presentation in a limited time is also important. In the first stage of the judgment, your ability to catch an audience within the limited time is tested. Only the presentations that are excellent in °»drawing attention°… of an audience will be evaluated in the second stage.

Judgment in the second stage

In the second stage, technique of presentation and quality of research are judged.

(B) Technique of presentation

(In viewing the poster)

The following points are considered important as the technique of presentation. (1) Visible characters and figures from far away. (2) Proper quantity of information°°that is not excessive. (3) Comprehensibility without aural explanation. (4) Flow of explanation (Structure of presentation and logical process)

(In hearing an explanation)

(5) Explanation easy to understand. (6) Proper duration of explanation. (7) Direct and exact answers to questions. (8) Attention to the whole audience.

(C) Quality of research

The following points are considered important as the quality of research. (1) Novelty and originality. (2) Quality and quantity of data. (3) Appropriateness of analytical method. (4) Validity of discussion and conclusion.

In the first stage, a presenter need not stand by his/her poster. Starting time of the exhibition is advanced for judges to be ready for viewing posters. The posters selected in the first stage will be evaluated by the criteria (B) and (C). The second stage of the judgment will run mainly during the core time. The presenter is asked to stand by his/her poster during the period. It is welcome to stand by the poster in a longer period to allow judges to have plenty of time to view posters. The best and excellence prizes are selected on the basis of the sum of points in (B) and (C) in each field.

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