The 68th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan ESJ68

ESJ AwardsEnglish Presentation Audience Award

■ Award Winners

Award ceremony, Lectures by award recipients

Award ceremony and lectures by award recipients are held from 10:10 on 3/20(Sat.).

The 14th ESJ Oshima Award
The 18th ESJ Prize
The 25th ESJ Miyadi Award
The 8th ESJ Suzuki Award

The 14th Oshima Award

Mizue Ohashi(University of Hyogo)
“Studies on below-ground carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems”

The 19th ESJ Prize

Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu Open University)
“My new challenge towards ecology 5.0”

The 25th Miyadi Award

Ryo Sakurai(College of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University)
“Social science (human dimensions) research for enhancing ecosystem management”
Kaoru Tsuji (Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University / Department of Biology, Stanford University)
“Sexual dimorphism in ecological communities”
Keiichi Fukaya(National Institute for Environmental Studies)
“Statistical modeling for ecological observation, inference, and prediction”
Takehiro Sasaki(Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University)
“Desertification, climate change, and biodiversity issues addressed in Mongolian grasslands”

The 9th Suzuki Award

Nobuaki Mizumoto(Evolutionary Genomics Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)
“Evolutionary perspectives of collective animal behavior”
GUTIERREZ ORTEGA Jose Said(Chiba University, Institute for Excellence in Educational Innovation / Faculty of Biology, Department of Biology)
“Evolutionary conservativeness and diversification of cycads: Understanding the evolution of living fossils”
Ryosuke Nakadai(Department of Ecosystem Studies, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan / Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland, Finland)
“Patterns in biodiversity science”
Takahiro Hirano(Center for Northeast Asian Studies/Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University)
“Evolutionary history of Japanese land and freshwater molluscs”

English Presentation Audience Award

Fungi and microbes

*Takamitsu OHIGASHI, Yoshitaka UCHIDA (Hokkaido University)
Can soil microbes increase their diversity despite nutrient loss? —study on effects of cultivation in sub-Saharan Africa

*Kazumori MISE, Wataru IWASAKI (The University of Tokyo)
Inference of microbial traits from massive metagenomic data: Development of bioinformatic pipeline and its applications to microbial communities

Plant community・Landscape ecology

*Kei TACHIBANA, Yusuke ONODA (Kyoto University)
Analysis of the global patterns in canopy maximum height with respect to climatic factors and soil variables


*Yui NAKABAYASHI, Issei OHSHIMA (Kyoto Prefectural University)
Reduced ant dependence of a range expanding myrmecophilous butterfly in the enemy-free space

*Tianmeng HE, Wanyi LEE, Goro HANYA (Kyoto University)
Examining determinants of fecal particle size in Japanese macaques: The role of diet, toughness, age and sex in omnivore's chewing

Plant ecophysiology・Plant population

*Siyu CHEN, Yoshiko KOSUGI, Linjie JIAO (Kyoto University), Tatsuro
NAKAJI (Hokkaido University), Hibiki NODA (NIES), Kouki HIKOSAKA (Tohoku University), Kenlo Nishida NASAHARA (University of Tsukuba)
Winter leaf reddening phenomenon: the long-term track of PRI and phenology changes in a temperate Japanese cypress forest at Kiryu Japan

*Tomoko TANABE, Masako DANNOURA (Kyoto University)
Difference in the climate factors between reconstructed annual leaf productions and stem radial increments in Picea mariana, evergreen conifer


*Haruki NISHIO (Kyoto University), Atsushi J. NAGANO (Ryukoku University), Tasuku ITO (Kyoto University), Yutaka SUZUKI (The University of Tokyo), Hiroshi KUDOH (Kyoto University)
Evolution of seasonal gene regulation by histone modifications


*Ishara Uhanie PERERA, Natsumi MARUOKA, Wataru MAKINO, Jotaro URABE (Tohoku University)
Temporal β-diversity reveals the temporal scale difference in factors regulating zooplankton community structures: an example in a small lake

*Imane SIOUD, Wataru MAKINO, Jotaro URABE (Tohoku University)
Untangling lineages of freshwater copepods having a broad geographical range: The cases of Cyclops vicinus and C. kikuchii

Ecosystem management

*Jing LI, junko MORIMOTO (Hokkaido University), Satoshi SUZUKI, Toshiaki OWARI (Tokyo University), Takao NAKANE (PHOTEC Co.,Ltd.)
Combined impacts of windthrow and subsequent management on ecological resilience in cool temperate forests in Japan

Animal community・Animal population

*Iki MURASE, Takahiro IRIE (The University of Tokyo), Kei'ichiro IGUCHI (Nagasaki University)
Spatio-temporal variation in life-history traits of an amphidromous fish, ayu: changes in the traits after 19 years

Mathematical ecology・Conservation

*Bo-moon KIM, Jun-Ichirou SUZUKI, Yuuya TACHIKI (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
The tragedy of the commons in plants: from the perspective of growth and resource allocation

*Akari KIMURA, Yoshitaka UCHIDA (Hokkaido University)
Impact of mixed cropping managements on soil microbial community composition and diversity—interaction of legume species and organic fertilizer—